All Information about Partials and Dentures You Ever Wanted

All Information about Partials and Dentures You Ever Wanted

Dec 01, 2020

If you have missing teeth because of injury or disease, the blank spaces in your mouth make biting, chewing, and speaking a challenge. The missing teeth also affect your face’s structure and shape because the loss of teeth will cause sagging of your facial muscles.

If you have several missing teeth in your mouth, you could be contemplating whether you should get full dentures or fixed partial dentures to replace them. However, it would help if you considered several things, some of which are detailed in this article.

What Are Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures or full dentures are also referred to as are customized, removable replacements for your missing teeth. Full dentures are useful when all your teeth in the upper and lower half of the mouth are extracted. Your gums are allowed to heal after the extraction before customizing the full dentures.

Flesh-colored plastic or acrylic is generally used for making a set of full dentures. The appliance rests on the gums and is molded in fit snugly in comfortably to serve in real replacement teeth. Present-day full dentures appear and feel natural than the dental appliances available when you.

Are Partial Dentures Different from Full Dentures?

If you still have natural teeth left in your mouth in a stable and healthy condition, they can be used as support for partial dentures. Partials have a base with one or more prosthetic teeth attached. The material used for making partial dentures in the same flesh-colored or acrylic base as full dentures. The dental appliances are customers to fit perfectly in the top or bottom half of the mouth to replace missing teeth. Their appearance is similar to full dentures, and they are removable appliances and must be removed at night before going to bed and soaked in dental cleansing fluid overnight.

The Making of Partial and Full Dentures

After tooth loss or extraction, the tooth socket starts filling up with bone as the gum tissue recovers and changes contour. The process requires a few months until the gums and bone acquire a stable shape. A conventional full denture is prepared only after the healing process in approximately eight to 12 weeks after tooth extraction or loss for any reason.

Admiral dental-Bristol begins the process for customizing the dentures by taking a series of impressions or molds of the oral tissues supporting the denture. A dental laboratory uses images to make models of the patient’s mouth. The dentist and lab technician work together to gradually start building on the models and transferring them to the patient’s mouth at every step to ensure a proper fit.

As a patient, you must visit the dentist at least once every week for four to five weeks until the appliance is ready. During the first month, you are required to return occasionally to the dentist for adjustments.

You can also have an immediate denture to wear in your mouth on the same day after having the tooth extracted if you do not want to display the gaps in your mouth. The same-day dentures are manufactured before the teeth are extracted and used as a temporary appliance until a conventional denture is delivered after your bone has healed.

You can also have fixed partial dentures permanently attached to your neighboring teeth or dental implants if you have them in your mouth. This appliance is like a fixed bridge where the adjacent teeth, called abutments, support the fixed partial denture.

Are There Alternatives to Partials and Dentures?

Alternatives for replacing teeth are indeed available in the form of dental implants or bridges. However, both options require intensive preparation and surgery before they are placed in your mouth.

Dentures have been around for quite some time and are accepted as suitable solutions for replacing teeth by many. If you visit partials and dentures in Bristol, CT, you can view different dentures before discussing with the dentist the best solution suitable for your mouth. It will help if you didn’t believe you must only stick with the latest options like implants or bridges for replacing the missing teeth in your mouth. Dentures haven’t in any way lost their credibility despite being termed as uncomfortable or unnatural. Dentistry innovations and modern technology now make it possible for you to have natural-looking artificial teeth from full or partial dentures to close the gaps in your mouth without a challenge.

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