Dental Crowns in Bristol, CT

Dental Crowns in Bristol, CT

If you have damaged a tooth or injured it in some way, your local Admire Dental Bristol professional may recommend dental crowns. Crowns may seem scary at first, but the procedure is fast, simple, and does not cause pain. However, you will spend a bit of time getting used to the feel of your new crown.

How Dental Crowns Are Placed

Dental crowns in Bristol, CT, will likely take two separate visits to our dentist in order to be placed. During the initial visit to our tooth crown dentist near you, the tooth will be prepared. Any decay that is present will be removed along with most of the outer portion of the tooth. When this has been completed, our tooth crown dentist will get an impression of the teeth being worked on so that they can craft a dental crown that fits perfectly onto your tooth.

Before your permanent dental crowns arrives, our dentist may apply a temporary dental crown to the affected teeth. This is to prevent teeth from getting damaged after so much enamel has been removed. When the permanent crown arrived, the temporary crown will be removed and then the permanent one will be fitted by our tooth crown dentist near you. Any adjustments that need to be made will be done so that it fits comfortably.

Once it has been fitted properly, your dentist will use a special bonding cement to secure the crown onto the tooth.

Caring for Your Dental Crown

Your dental crown needs to be taken care of as if it is one of your natural teeth. They are not unbreakable, so you will need to avoid using them for purposes other than eating, drinking, speaking. Keep up with your regular oral hygiene routine, adding any steps that your dentist has instructed you to take. Be sure to visit your dentist often after getting the crown applied so that they can keep an eye on your teeth and make sure everything is going smoothly.

You can restore your smile and make sure teeth are happy and healthy by visiting Admire Dental Bristol. We have a knowledgeable and dedicated dental staff that can help you have a smile you love.

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