Dental Bridges in Bristol, CT

Dental Bridges in Bristol, CT

Have you ever considered transforming your smile by getting rid of the gaps in your mouth? If you’ve lost any teeth, the dental professionals at Admire Dental Bristol can work with you to give you a beautiful and functional smile. Dental bridges may be an option for your teeth, allowing you to look amazing and speak comfortably. There are different types of bridges your dentist may recommend, so be sure to discuss all of your options when you come in for a visit.


Traditional bridges may be used to secure false teeth. They are held in place by crowns that have applied to natural teeth that still exist in the mouth. These help the bridge become more secure and stable. Traditional bridges are a very popular choice for patients and dentists alike. However, patients must have existing teeth on both sides of the gap.


These bridges are used when there is only one side of the gap that has natural teeth next to it. Patients with cantilever bridges use their teeth on one side of the gap to hold bridges in place using a crown. These are less common, but available for patients of any age that need to replace teeth that are missing from the mouth.


Maryland bridges are another option for restoring your teeth. However, they do not use crowns on your natural teeth to support them. Instead, a metal framework is used and bonded onto the backs of your teeth. Patients will still need to have healthy teeth on either side of the gap to hold the frame in place, much like traditional bridges.


For a permanent solution to losing teeth, patients should consider implant-supported bridges. These do not use a crown or any attachment to other teeth. Instead, a post is surgically inserted into the jawbone and bonds with the tissues in the mouth. When this happens, a crown can be placed on the post to give you a beautiful smile and healthy teeth that last for several decades with proper care and visits to your Admire Dental Bristol professionals.

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