Laughing Gas in Bristol, CT

Laughing Gas in Bristol, CT

Laughing gas is a part of sedation dentistry, which aims to help patients be relaxed and comfortable while receiving dental procedures of any kind. You will be relaxed yet alert enough to communicate with your dentist and follow instructions during procedures. It’s an excellent way to help calm the nerves of both adults and children that have fears of the dentist or dental treatments being administered.

Inhaled Sedation

One of the main benefits of laughing gas is that it can be inhaled. This means that patients do not have to get injected or take oral medication an hour or so before their visit. You can feel relief without anything invasive. For patients with a fear of needles as well as for children, this is an excellent way to keep calm and get your dental work done without complications.

Fast Results

Another reasons patients tend to love laughing gas is that the results are almost immediate. Once the dentist places the mask over your nose, the effects start to kick in fast, and you can begin to relax. The quick sedation means that less time is spent waiting for patients to calm down or for oral sedatives to start working. Once the gas is removed, it wears off just as quickly as it started. You can get treatments at your local dentist and then return home right after – or go back to work.


Laughing gas allows your Admire Dental Bristol professional to monitor your intake of the gas and adjust it accordingly throughout treatment. This gives your dentist a high amount of control over your sedative state, allowing them to keep you in a comfortable range of sedation. With the advanced technology used, it’s easy to make sure procedures are done safely, and medication doses are in a safe and effective range.

If you are interested in laughing gas sedation at your next dental appointment, contact Admire Dental Bristol to schedule an appointment with our highly trained dentist and discuss sedation options for your oral procedures.

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