Facts You Should Know About Invisalign®

Facts You Should Know About Invisalign®

Jul 01, 2020

Invisalign® are custom made, invisible, removable teeth aligners that are used for teeth straightening. They are the best alternative to braces. Over the years they have grown more popular due to their many advantages such as more comfort and their discreet nature.

These aligners are developed from plastic-free of BPA and customized to fit your teeth. Unlike metallic braces, they can be removed if need be such as during meal times. If you are exploring this treatment option, read on to learn more about how they work and their benefits.

Invisalign Treatment Process

Invisalign procedures can be done at home or in your dentist’s office. Before you decide the one you are most comfortable with, you are advised to first visit your dentist for a consultation.

Invisalign offers specific treatment procedures. They can be used by anyone despite of age, but they are commonly known to be the clear braces for teenagers and adults. At Admire Dental Bristol, our dentist will take you through the entire process first and hear your opinion in order to make the procedure more comfortable for you.

During your first visit, the dentist will examine your dental structure and texture to determine if you are eligible for the treatment.

If you are suitable and agree for the treatment your dentist will perform a 3D digital dental impressions. The impressions generate a series of images that are then sent to the laboratories where a custom-made Invisalign tray set will be created.

The number of trays made depends on how severe the situation is. The tray is changed every two weeks. By the time you are in your last tray, the expected result will have set in.

Invisalign treatment procedures are easy and fast (as compared to metal braces) as long as the process is closely monitored by your dentist in Bristol.

Benefits of Invisalign

They are Removable

Invisalign makes your oral hygiene routine easy to practice. When you want to brush and floss you only have to remove them and do your daily cleaning. The same goes for mealtimes. You can remove them so that food doesn’t get stuck in between them and your teeth.


They are clear making them invisible. Add their custom-made nature and you can rest assured no one will notice you wearing them. This makes smiling an easy task without feeling conscious of them.

You Can Eat with Them

You don’t have to worry about eating the sticky foodstuffs when you have Invisalign. You can pop them out when you want a bite. Clean your teeth after eating and you will be good to go. Do not take anything other than cold water when your aligners are on. Hot drinks or food can misshape your Invisalign.

Before you make it a habit to remove your Invisalign ask your dentist for advice and they will guide you on what to do.


They are very easy to tidy up. After you eat make sure to clean your teeth and the aligners before putting them on. This will prevent sugars and food particles from sitting on your teeth or your invisible aligners resulting to oral problems.

Brush your Invisalign using a soft toothbrush and your fluoride toothpaste. You can also get cleaning tablets that dissolve in water and let your aligners rest there for a bit.

Love Life

Invisalign aligners will not put your dating life at a stop. You can still kiss and have a blast with your partner while having your aligners on. All they need is a hygiene routine to keep them going.


Invisible aligners are the most comfortable aligners as compared to others in the market. You will experience some pressure at first as the aligners try to reset your teeth into position. However, with time the feeling subsides and you will be so comfortable that you even forget you are wearing them.

Treatment period

On average it takes only one year for these aligners to work. However, this is subject to change based on patients since each case is unique.

As you can see, Invisalign is one of the best forms of dental treatment options we have today. If you practice good oral hygiene while wearing them, you should achieve satisfactory results.

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