Emerging Field of Cosmetic Dentistry

Emerging Field of Cosmetic Dentistry

Nov 01, 2021

Are your teeth stained, chipped, or broken? Or are they misaligned? Have you suffered a dip in your esteem because of your smile or the shape of your tooth? If you are reading this, you can rest assured that there are several solutions to these problems. All you need to do is take your pick!

Professional care can improve the appearance of your mouth, teeth, gums, and overall smile. Numerous procedures can be requested for this emerging beauty, as seen in cosmetic dentistry. Over the past few years, procedures such as teeth bonding, composite bonding, dental veneer placement have become popular.

If this sounds interesting to you, you should read this, as brought to you by one of the teams handling cosmetic dentistry in Bristol, CT. Our dentists in Bristol, CT, are always available if you need cosmetic dentistry services near you.

Reasons Why You May Need Cosmetic Dental Services.

You might want to see a cosmetic dentist for the following concerns:

  • Tooth decay
  • Damaged teeth (cracks, chips, etc.)
  • Crooked or misshaped teeth
  • Discoloration or yellow teeth
  • Missing teeth

Damaged, decaying, crooked, and discolored teeth or other dental issues could affect people’s self-esteem. It can also cause difficulty when eating and speaking.

What Procedures Does a Cosmetic Dentist Offer?

A cosmetic dentist is a dentist who is specialized and therefore responsible for various procedures, ranging from minor fixes to major dental surgeries. Below are a few of the cosmetic procedures provided by the Cosmetic Dentistry team in Bristol, CT.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most basic cosmetic dentistry procedures, and it is also the least expensive. Over time, teeth get stained from food, drinks, medications, and smoking. So, to make them smile brighter, many people get to turn to teeth whitening.

The dentist will clean the teeth of plaque, tartar, and other debris before whitening. Teeth whitening bleaches the surface of teeth to make them appear whiter. Professional tooth whitening can provide a shade up to 5 to 8 times lighter than what over-the-counter products like toothpaste and whitening strips can offer.

Dental Implants

These are designed to replace a lost tooth. During this procedure, the orthodontist inserts a titanium screw into the jaw to support the crown. The jaw heals around the metal, which secures it in place. Implants are challenging to differentiate from the surrounding teeth, and they are very durable.

Dental Veneers

This is another basic procedure that you can get at an orthodontist near you. These are usually made from ceramic or composite materials to look like your natural teeth. Some veneers are porcelain or resin and are typically thin and wafer-like. They are also colloquially referred to as “Hollywood teeth” and are an incredible cosmetic option providing dental solutions to several oral problems.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is also known as a dental cap and usually fits over a decayed or damaged tooth. Crowns prevent a weak tooth from breaking. They are also used cosmetically to cover misshapen or severely discolored teeth. Crowns can also be used to protect other procedures, like root canals, enamel fillings, dental bridges, or dental implants.

Dental Bonding

Here, the dentist applies a resin molded to the tooth and hardens it with ultraviolet light. This is then trimmed, shaped, and polished so the material blends into the tooth’s surface. Dental bonding repairs chips, cracks, misshapen teeth, and tooth decay. For minor cosmetic issues, bonding is a more affordable alternative to fillings or crowns.

There are other existing options for cosmetic dentistry, such as braces. Braces are used to apply continuous pressure overtime to correct the alignment of our teeth. When you need one of these solutions, make sure to visit an orthodontist near you.

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